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about us

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In June of 2020, there was an idea to create a Filipino footwear brand that hopes to set up a foundation of building a reputation and culture for sneakers that stem from a Filipino identity – something truly uncommon in the world of footwear.  It was also the tail-end of the first and most extreme nationwide lockdowns never before seen in Philippine history due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was, without a doubt, a strange and uncertain time.


Amidst this era of uncertainty, an inspiration blossomed -  the idea to create a true-Filipino footwear brand that promotes simplification and minimalism in order to hopefully revive and raise the Filipino footwear industry to new heights.


Thus, the story of the development of Sanbera begins.

the sanbera story

Product development began in July of 2020 with the valuable help and guidance from the Zapateria Footwear Hub, an incubator for footwear start-ups, located in Marikina City, the shoe capital of the Philippines. Throughout months of hard work and the determination to muster creative juices, we were able to design and produce a sneaker that we are proud to introduce to the market.


The Sanbera sneaker incorporates the essence of minimalism and simplicity by integrating an uncluttered look with single-color schemes, to make it easy for people to pair with any attire, and to be suitable for any occasion. Our overall theme and vision for this footwear brand: “To have individuals experience the rewards of liberating oneself through the pursuit of simplicity in their everyday lifestyles.”


At the same time, through various meaningful partnerships, we were also able to produce a shoe that the Filipino can proudly identify with, with the incorporation of local environmentally-friendly components, such as natural rubber from Davao City for the outsoles and coconut-coir cushioning for the insoles.


In November 2020, we finally launched the first 3 models of  Sanbera Sneakers:  The Sanbera Real – Classic White, The Sanbera Real – Classic Cream, and The Sanbera Real – Classic Ocean Blue.


In June, 2021, we added 2 more models: The Limited Edition Classic Summer Blue, and the Classic Black.


Most recently, on December 2021, we introduced the Sanbera Lifestyle Sandals, locally designed and carefully handmade by the talented soulful artisans from Zapateria. 

Moving forward, we further plan to build momentum for our movement to enhance the culture of simple-wear through our current and future products. We certainly hope that you could be part of it because as much as this is our story, once you allow Sanbera to be a part of your lifestyle, it will be your story to tell as well.

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